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The video and text in this article will be translated into English.

iLocky 管理员让您快速新增iLocky装置与钥匙,在30秒内快速完成设定并展示给您的客户看!

Finish demo settings in 30 seconds!

iLocky Manager allows you to quickly add iLocky device and key within 30 seconds.


Following are iLocky Manager manual video

  1. iLocky管理员介绍与新增iLocky装置
  2. iLocky韧体更新 
  3. 深入解析iLocky装置设定 
  4. 钥匙生成 
  5. 深入解析钥匙生成功能 
  6. 注销之前生成之钥匙 
  7. iLocky距离测试 
  8. iLocky与RFID锁设定教学

Painless Upgrade Your RFID Door Lock

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